About Us

Hey internet friend, thanks for checking out this podcast. You may be wondering, who are these charming experts guiding me, a clueless wanderer, through the rocky terrain of pop culture? Well, wonder no more!

Your hosts, Eric Johnson and Emily Jones, met at Brown University through the news department of a student-run radio station, 95.5 WBRU. Finding common interests like Harry Potter, James Bond and The Room, they frequently debated topics of great importance, such as “WTF is up with Lady Gaga?”

(It was a relevant debate at the time.)

After college, they went their separate ways. Years later, over dozens and dozens of text messages, Emily recounted her first watch-through of one of Eric’s favorite shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Eric then returned the favor when he finally got around to watching the first four seasons of Game of Thrones.

At some point, they stopped being such millennials and realized that verbally talking about this stuff would be more fun than texting. In fall 2014, they began recording Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b, and after getting some practice and accruing a metric buttload of recorded episodes, they got around to publishing the show starting in February 2015.

Now, let’s meet our hosts:

Emily Jones

emilyTwitter: @ejreports
Actual Job: public radio host and reporter
Dream Job: Hogwarts History of Magic professor
Hobbies: Eating, beaching, rewatching Hugh Grant movies, skiing, reading, checking closets for Narnia
Weapons: Laser/circular saw/grappling hook watch, Redwood wand, the phrase “the patriarchy”
Pet Peeve: Inconsistencies among Harry Potter films, because why would Floo Powder work differently just because Voldemort’s around again?
Favorite Fan Theory: The Pixar Theory, a.k.a. the Pixar films don’t just take place in the same universe but also along a single timeline stretching from the Middle Ages to a human-free future
Fictional Soulmate(s): Catcher Block, John Robie

Eric Johnson

ericTwitter: @heyheyesj
Actual Job: Podcast producer at Re/code (<3)
Dream Job: Still writing, no matter what, but also the proprietor of a competitive video game bar (I have diagrams of what it will look like). And maybe, like, a freelance Statler/Waldorf-esque movie critic on the side, basing all my heckling reviews around awful puns.
Hobbies: Trying to understand the timeline of the Zelda games; neglecting the countless films I haven’t seen in order to rewatch Star Wars; quoting The Room or The Big Lebowski in front of people who have seen neither.
Weapons: Lightsaber, diamond Minecraft tools, a wardrobe of unbelievably geeky t-shirts.
Pet Peeve: People who say comedy is “easier” than drama, because oh no it bloody well is not.
Favorite Fan Theory: The Revenge of the Hope, a.k.a. why R2-D2 and Chewbacca are way more important Star Wars characters than you realized.
Fictional Soulmate(s): Kaylee Frye, Sloane Peterson

P.S. Some other awesome people you should know: Faine Greenwood drew our logo art. And Jon Bailey recorded our “movie trailer” podcast intro.