Grand Theft Auto V Heist Videos: Eagles One, Two, Three, Four and Gavin

Way back in January, Emily and I made a bet: Whoever could predict the winners of the Golden Globes more accurately would subject the other to a Geek vs. n00b pick that they would definitely hate. And I’m just gonna say it up front: If watching a bunch of dudes play Grand Theft Auto V for two hours is not your idea of a good time, then this episode may not be for you.

Emily, however, had no choice.

We both lost the bet (because we tied), so this weekend we’re both torturing each other, no ifs ands or buts. My pick for her: Three YouTube videos made by a group called Achievement Hunter, in which they pull off a series of robbery heists inside of GTA V. As longtime listeners know, Emily doesn’t play video games so this should be especially bad for her … unless maybe it backfires and she loves it???

… OK, there’s no point in being coy. She hated it. Take a listen:

For easy reference, here are the three videos we watched, in order. If, unlike Emily, you enjoy these, you can find more on YouTube:

#1 – Heist

#2 – Gavin’s Heist

#3 – Jack’s Heist

We’ll have another new episode of Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b tomorrow, in which Emily makes me watch something that she had promised I would never have to watch, the TV show “Gossip Girl.” In the meantime, tell someone you know about the podcast, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!