Gossip Girl, or, One Secret I’ll Never Tell

Hey, Upper East Siders (and, you know, all listeners). I’ve got the biggest episode EVER.

Ok, maybe not. But it is the second episode stemming from the Golden Globes bet we both lost. Today, it’s time to torture Eric. And what better way than with the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite?

For the uninitiated, Gossip Girl is an anonymous blogger who chronicles (and tortures) a bunch of extremely wealthy high school students. With tipsters all over the city – especially in the fancy private schools the kids all attend – no person or secret is safe from her gaze for long.

The real question, of course, is whether Eric could possibly hate this delicious show as much as I hated watching GTA V videos. It’s doubtful.

We’re watching three episodes from season one: episode one (Pilot), episode six (The Handmaiden’s Tale), and episode sixteen (All About My Brother).

You can find all of Gossip Girl on Netflix. The episodes are also available for purchase at the usual sites.