Twin Peaks: This Came to Me in a Dream

Life in a sleepy small town is turned upside down when a teen girl – pretty, blonde, a good student, the prom queen – is found, brutally murdered. Before long, the secrets start tumbling out, and we learn she’s not as innocent nor is the the town as quiet as it seemed.

It’s the premise of, rough estimate here, seven million movies, books and TV series? Just a ballpark figure. And any of them made since the early 90s (and plenty of other TV shows besides) owe a TON to a defining classic of the oeuvre: Twin Peaks.

But we’ve never seen David Lynch’s cult classic show, so we’ve enlisted help from Christopher McCammon, our Twin Peaks dream/spirit guide.

Before listening, be sure to watch season one, episodes one and three and season two, episode seven. You can find them on Netflix, Hulu, or CBS All Access, or rent from the usual places: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play.

And since Christopher is a college professor, he’s got some supplemental homework for us all. The assignments, should you choose to accept them: a video on the iconic music and an essay on the dead-girl trope.

Oh and if you really dig that essay? There’s going to be a whole book soon.