The Nightmare Before Christmas: Kidnap the Sandy Claws

What’s this? Why, it’s another bonus episode of Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b!

Most of the time, people who say “Happy Holidays” aren’t thinking of Halloween, but that might change once you see “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” a 1993 stop-motion classic directed by Henry Selick and inspired by a poem written by Tim Burton. Emily, despite being the more musical half of the podcast, has never seen it, so whether you’re a n00b like her or a geek like Eric, join us!

If you’re listening to this episode when it comes out, there’s a pretty good chance you can find “Nightmare” on TV. But you can also rent it for $3 from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or Vudu, or buy it for $10 from all of those places.

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Merry Christmas, and see you tomorrow for Part 2! We’ll be continuing with stop-motion holiday movies, but in a very different way, when we watch “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.”