Bob’s Burgers VS. WKRP in Cincinnati: The Final Peckoning

Surprise! Just in time for Thanksgiving, have an extra serving of Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b!

While you’re recovering from your food coma this week, join us for six delightful episodes of turkey-flavored TV: Three from “Bob’s Burgers,” which Eric has seen relatively little of, and three from “WKRP in Cincinnati,” which Emily hadn’t even heard of.

The three Bob’s Burgers episodes on tap are: S3E5, “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”; S4E5, “Turkey in a Can”; and S5E4, “Dawn of the Peck.” You can stream them all on Netflix, or rent them for $2 apiece from Amazon, iTunes, Vudu or Google Play.

Since we’re starting from scratch on “WKRP,” we watched the first two episodes (S1E1 “Pilot: Part 1” and S1E2 “Pilot: Part 2” — such clever names!) before jumping ahead to the main dish: S1E7, “Turkeys Away.” You don’t have to watch the first two, but if you’re new to the show they teach you who all the characters are. You can stream all those on Hulu, or rent them for $1 apiece from Amazon or iTunes.

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Happy Thanksgiving!