The West Wing: Punching Everyone in the Face with Facts

Topic: The West Wing
Geek(s): Emily and Eric

We’ve got American politics on the brain (can’t imagine why that would be), so it seems high time we get to a particularly stellar bit of political fantasy we’re both more than a little obsessed with – the West Wing.

Since we need a n00b to enlighten/inflict this on, we’re enlisting help from my dear friend Reilly Mesco, who has somehow never seen the show. A travesty, we agree, and one that must be corrected.

In case you’re somehow also in the n00b category on this one, the West Wing is an Aaron Sorkin drama that premiered in 1999 and followed the senior staff of a fictional White House under the leadership of Martin Sheen’s President Jed Bartlet. It’s fantastic, but you’ll have to listen to find out if Reilly agrees.

Happily for us, all seven seasons of the show are on Netflix.

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Plus! Keep your eyes peeled for another pop cultural civics lesson tomorrow. It will be good.