Machine of Death: Torn Apart and Devoured By Lions

What if you could put your finger in a machine and find out how you were going to die? What if that machine were always right?

And what if that machine was also kind of a jerk, dispensing cryptic predictions that often came true in cruelly ironic ways? 

That is the delightful-slash-terrifying premise of “Machine of Death,” an anthology of short stories collected and first published in 2010 by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo and David Malki. And it’s what we’re talking about today on the podcast!

For this discussion, we’re only reading the first half of “Machine of Death,” which goes from the preface through the short story “Exhaustion From Having Sex With a Minor.” Feel free to read more if you’d like, but that’s as far as we read before turning on our recorders.


You can find “Machine of Death” on Amazon, TopatoCo or lots of other places where dead trees are sold and loaned. Like, say, a bookstore, or a library?

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