Le Tour de France: This Sport is Metal

Topic: The Tour de France
Geek: Emily

And now for a sport that’s a bit off the beaten track (or well-ridden road, as the case may be): cycling. I’ve been watching the Tour de France religiously for many years, and back in July I made Eric take the Tour plunge – albeit on a somewhat limited basis.

For the purposes of our podcasts, we watched highlights of the first eight stages of the 2016 Tour with the help of some detailed planning and my NBC Sports Gold subscription. The full replays usually go up on YouTube eventually, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.

Not to worry, though! You can find recaps and highlights of those stages on the NBC Sports YouTube channel, as well as some of the bigger moments we discuss (like Chris Froome’s crazy descent on stage eight!).

And now that you’re caught up, find out what we’ve got to say:

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