Hearthstone: My Magic Will Tear You Apart!

Since before this show started, Emily and I have been maintaining a list of future movies and books and so on to expose to one another. And from there’s a beginning, there’s a section of the list that we avoided: “Video Games.”

I’ve played a lot of video games, dating back to my elementary school years. Emily’s family, likely to her academic benefit, didn’t encourage such frivolity, and she played few games into her adulthood.

Unfortunately, she’s on a podcast with me, which means she’s going to have to play several games. Here’s the first one, Hearthstone:

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Hearthstone is a free digital card game, and you can download it for your iOS and Android devices, or grab it for your computer from Battle.net.

So, did the game turn Emily into a convert? Was I able to convince her that interactive pop culture is just as fun as the type you look at or listen to? You’ll just have to listen to the episode to find out!

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See you next week!