A Muppet Family Christmas VS. The Muppet Christmas Carol: There Goes Mr. Humbug

True story: When I was typing out that title, I accidentally wrote “There Goes Mr. Hummus” at first.

Another true story: Just like Marley and Marley in that picture, WE’RE BACK.

After far too long away from the podcasting airwaves, Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b is back with a vengeance… and a Christmas special. In this episode, Eric and Emily watch “A Muppet Family Christmas” and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” to decide which is the better film. Because nothing says holiday cheer like bitter competition!

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If you don’t own “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” you can rent it for $3 from Google, Vudu, Sony or Apple. And to watch “A Muppet Family Christmas,” all you have to do is click play on this YouTube video, right here:

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And here’s the best part: We’ll be back again in January for a brand-new season. Until then, happy holidays and happy geeking!