EPIC DOUBLE EPISODE: Watchmen, Part Two and A View to a Kill

Topic: Watchmen (part 2) and A View to a Kill
Geek: BOTH OF US (one for each)

Hi friends! Thanks so much for all your support for Giant Geek vs. Mega N00b, and for bearing with us in the last couple weeks as our day jobs have rudely gotten in the way of the podcast. We’re going to take a (very brief!) hiatus after this to work on season 2. Never fear, we’ll be back soon with more great shows, movies, books, and new for next season: games!

BUT FIRST. Like any good primetime soap (which is obviously the accurate genre for this pop culture podcast), we’re bringing you a SPECIAL SEASON FINALE EVENT: two episodes for your listening pleasure. Crazy, we know.

First up, it’s the conclusion of our discussion of Watchmen.

Next, we return to where we started the season: James Bond. We’re swapping out Sean Connery for Roger Moore, turning the ridiculous up to 11, and basking in the brilliance that is Christopher Walken in the role he was born to play (a Bond villain).

Now, we promise we won’t be gone for long. Use the time to catch up on old episodes, binge the TV series we got you hooked on, or like, maybe go to the beach? While we’re off the digital airwaves we’ll be asking for your input on what we’re up to, so be sure to like GvN on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @geekvsn00b.

See you soon!