In the Loop: Not A F**king Jane F**king Austen Novel!

Topic: In The Loop
Geek: Eric

I went back and forth on whether or not to star-star-out the swears in that title, but I don’t want to risk getting in trouble with iTunes. So, here we are: You win, Linton Barwick.

If you don’t know that name or what it has to do with censoring swears, you should go watch In The Loop. That’s the topic of this week’s podcast discussion, and we do spoil several of the best jokes!

OK, enough nagging. Hat tip to the /Filmcast (which is an excellent podcast, by the by) for introducing me to this film back in 2009. I went into the theater not quite knowing what to expect and walked out with a new favorite political satire.

Any Kubrick fans reading this might be wondering after that last sentence if I’ve never seen Dr. Strangelove. Don’t worry, I have, and I really enjoyed it. But movies like it and In the Loop are always more powerful when their audience has lived through the events they send up, and by the time I entered preschool the USSR had been dissolved.

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