The Bourne Identity: Always Steal the Invisible Aston Martin

Topic: The Bourne Identity
Geek: Emily

What can I even tell you about the Bourne Identity? As I’ve said 1,000 times if I’ve said it once, what’s remarkable here isn’t that I think these movies are great; it’s that Eric has somehow avoided seeing them. They’re so ubiquitous. Seriously, turn on your TV. If you have cable, one of these movies is probably playing somewhere. They always are.

I think I saw all of them when they came out or shortly thereafter, and obviously immediately loved them – how could you not? They’re just so well-done, so engrossing, so AWESOME. For more of my gushing – and my one quibble with the franchise – just listen, already!

The only thing I’ll add, since our discussion is mostly limited to the first film, is that I love how strong this trilogy is. The sequels don’t feel like action movie sequels, churned out to capitalize on the first one’s success but quickly becoming shells – or mockeries – of what made the original great. They’re all excellent. They all work. Jason Bourne is the coolest, guys.

Oh! And for good measure (and since we talk about it), check out the alternate opening:

Unfortunately, I can’t find the alternate ending. You’ll have to get your hands on the DVD if you’re dying to check it out.