The Cabin in the Woods: Zombified Pain-Worshipping Backwoods Idiots

Topic: The Cabin in the Woods
Geek: Eric

Believe it or not, that title doesn’t refer to yours truly. At least not in this context.

To understand what it does refer to, please go watch The Cabin in the Woods before listening to this episode. We will spoil everything about it!

I saw this movie in theaters right after it came out in 2012, and loved it so much that I went back three days later. I enjoyed Cabin in the Woods even more on another viewing, but that second trip left me fuming mad.

(Rant incoming!)

After the movie, I eagerly asked the person sitting next to me what they had thought. They had to have loved it, right?

“I mean, it was good, but I’m not sure if it was 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes good,” this person said.

Why does this make me so mad? Because, and a lot of people don’t realize this, that 93 percent is not a grade for the movie. It’s the percentage of reviewers surveyed by Rotten Tomatoes who were “fresh” rather than “rotten” on it. It’s how many people said “yes,” not an average of their total grades.

For weird films like this one, in particular, I hate when people bring a lot of mental baggage into the theater with them. It’s one thing to check a reviews site (or a review aggregator) to figure out whether you want to see something, but fixating on whether that movie deserved a certain score, or if that video game deserved a certain grade — that sort of thing drives me up the wall. All that matters is what you thought of it.

(Rant over.)

So, see the movie, listen to Emily and I chat about it and maybe drop us a line at geekvsn00b at gmail dot com, to let us know what you thought!