The Sopranos: This is the Worst, this Espresso Sh*t

Topic: The Sopranos
Geek: Emily

Oh, the Sopranos. We (here defined as “the TV-obsessed population of the internet) are so caught up in the last set of Mad Men episodes at the moment, or the latest season of House of Cards, or how Breaking Bad ended, or whatever prestige show we’re focusing on at the moment. It’s easy to forget how much we used to focus all this energy on this one amazing show about the modern-day mafia in North Jersey.

Or maybe – if this week’s hubbub about that infamous final scene is any indication – we don’t forget at all; we’re just waiting for it to come up again.

Anyway, I’m being melodramatic when the real point is: this was a damn great show. And Eric’s relative ignorance about it is as good an excuse as any to revisit why.

The Sopranos was extremely present in my life well before I started watching it, because it was EVERYWHERE. But I didn’t have HBO, so it was one of those things where you hear someone talk in great detail on Fresh Air about a club you’re not a part of and you, yet again, wish you were as cool as Terry Gross and her brilliant guest and all the other listeners.

Then one time I was on vacation with my family, and the hotel DID have HBO, and we saw a rerun of the season five episode where Tony gets Finn a construction job and he sees…things happen no one was expecting to see (you know the things and you know the one – Unidentified Black Males). WE WERE HOOKED.

Thus began what must have been my first-ever bingewatch: in the three- and four-episode sprees allowed by Netflix DVDs, working around the insane schedules of two working adults and two over-committed high school kids trying hard to get into college, my family blazed through all of that glorious show.

Guys, it’s so much easier to watch the whole thing now. We should all just do so immediately.