This Week: Don’t Forget to Watch the Bourne Identity!

Poor Matt Damon doesn't know who he is! If you also don't, you should find out.
Poor Matt Damon doesn’t know who he is! If you also don’t, you should find out.
Hello, dear listeners! This week we’re swinging the pendulum back from mega-geeky deep dive you really needed to have seen seven seasons of television to get toooooo…

…accessible action movie you’ve probably already seen!

Seriously, it’s mystifying how Eric has avoided seeing the Bourne Identity or one of its ubiquitous sequels in the 13 years since the first one came out. But fear not! If you’re somehow dwelling in that sad, Matt Damon-less land with him, you’ve got plenty of options for watching it.

You can rent it on Google Play, VUDU, or iTunes. Amazon’s also got it to rent or buy streaming OR to buy on DVD or Blu-Ray. ALL THE OPTIONS.

Check back for our discussion of the TOTALLY AWESOME, DUDE first installment of the Bourne film series — and as always, we strongly advise you watch it if you haven’t, because we’re going to spoil eeeeeeverything.