James Bond music and video games

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b in its first month-plus. You guys rock.

But did you know?!?!? For every single episode we release here, we’ve also recorded a bonus mini-episode, or “minisode,” with at least 10-15 extra minutes of fun discussions.

Normally, these minisodes are only available to our friends who chip in at least $5 per month on Patreon. But this week, we’re putting two of them out there for free, in the hopes that you’ll check out our Patreon page if you like what you hear.

The first minisode here is about the incidental music of James Bond, something Emily adores about Thunderball but totally forgot to bring up in our first episode. In the second minisode, Eric tries to understand how someone could grow up without playing video games — a big part of his childhood, and a helpful thing for understanding Scott Pilgrim vs. the World — and learns what games Emily has played in her life.

So take a listen, support us if you feel like it, and even if you don’t, let your friends know about the podcast!

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled geeking next week with a return to the world of Doctor Who.