Moulin Rouge: It’s a Little Bit Funny

Topic: Moulin Rouge!
Geek: Emily

First off, we promise not to make this late-posting thing a thing. It’s just that we have these pesky* “real jobs,” and sometimes they keep us busy. But our latest episode is up with all the others over on iTunes.

In any case, I found last episode‘s love story so decidedly unromantic that it seemed like time for a drastic overcorrection. And how better to accomplish that than with a film whose opening line is a tearful man announcing that the story is about love and the woman he loves is dead?

The correct answer is that there is no better way.

When Moulin Rouge! came out in 2001, I was a bit too young to have full control over what movies I got to see, and probably also too young for a film about a passionate love affair with the star prostitute/dancer in one of history’s most famous brothel/nightclubs. But a few years later, in high school, a friend and I watched it – almost certainly at a sleepover where the dramatics of unrequited 15-year-old love were later discussed. Needless to say, it resonated. (because LOVE).

And let’s be real here: if you’re even remotely inclined toward romance, musicals, and/or Ewan McGregor generally, you’ve probably belted out both parts of this duet in some friend’s bedroom.

Don’t tell me you haven’t.

If you’re among the enlightened like me, take this episode as your excuse to watch the movie yet again, as if you needed one. If you’re on the n00b side here, you really ought to check it out – then listen and see which side of our rather fierce debate you’re on.

(You should be on my side though).

And now, just because we can (because we can can can!), let’s enjoy a topical diva-off.

*Just kidding on the “pesky” bit, obviously, employers – we both totally love our jobs.