The Avengers: A Pretty Chill Relationship with Murder

Topic: The Avengers (1961-69)
Geek: Emily

Before Honor Blackman was Pussy Galore, before Diana Rigg was Tracy Bond or Olenna Tyrell, before Patrick Macnee was the fake valet in “A View to a Kill” (unclear if he has a name), all of them were on a wonderful, weird little British show called “The Avengers.”

Now, unlike the travesty that is calling oneself a Bond fan without having seen “Thunderball,” it’s really pretty ok that Eric hasn’t seen this show. It’s odd, it’s from the ’60s, it’s not on Netflix.

But let me tell you, it IS on DVD. And your local library probably has it. Mine sure did. My dad discovered this at some point, and despite some initial “daaaa-aaaaaaaad” whining, all it took was this puppy…

…and I was sold.

My personal favorite season is the fifth, the show’s first in color. The fantastic Diana Rigg plays Mrs. Emma Peel, “talented amateur” and crime-solving partner to Patrick Macnee’s secret agent John Steed. And the whole thing is conveniently on Amazon Instant Video! We’re watching three episodes, “The Fear Merchants,” “Escape in Time,” and “The Living Dead.”

Oh and by the way, Rigg’s costumes totally rock. Like, even if you don’t care about clothes. Just ask Eric.