Doctor Who: The Angels Have the Phone Box

Topic: Doctor Who (2005-present)
Geek: Eric

A time traveler from another planet. A normal human. A blue phone box that’s “bigger on the inside.”

Fans of “Doctor Who” know this formula well — after all, the show started more than 50 years ago. But somehow, Emily has never seen it, so for my first turn as the “geek,” I decided to fix that:

My own obsession with Doctor Who started only a few years ago. I was a diehard fan of Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show (good luck filling those shoes, James Corden), and his frequent references to the show burrowed into my brain. The tipping point was when, to kick off a week of shows in Scotland, he departed L.A. in a TARDIS:

He’ll probably never read this, but thanks, Craig. Doctor Who has become one of my all-time favorite shows — a very worthy kickoff for this podcast.

For good measure, here’s another video from the Late Late Show, filmed after Matt Smith had inherited the role of the Doctor from David Tennant, in 2010. Apparently it was cut because CBS couldn’t get the legal clearance from the BBC to use the Doctor Who theme, but it mysteriously found its way online…