Thunderball: Frightening the Fish

Welcome to the very first episode of Giant Geek vs. Mega n00b, in which we address a serious failing in Eric’s film knowledge: Thunderball.

Now, to understand the full gravity of this failing, you need to know that both of us are seriously into James Bond. We have spent a lot of time arguing about these movies. In fact, Eric owns the full set on DVD, a level of commitment even I can’t claim.

Yet somehow, there are quite a few Bonds he has never watched.

This is completely incomprehensible to me. Our obsessions with 007 began in much the same way: Thanksgiving Bondathon viewings on TV when we were probably way too young for that level of innuendo. But then Eric and I took different paths. While he watched the movies as they came on TV or premiered in theaters, I (along with my brother) systematically rented every single one of them from the video store. Over and over. And watched them over and over. And may or may not have also made our own Bond film starring a Dream Date Ken doll and quite a few Barbies.

So it goes without saying that I have seen all the Bond movies. Some of the ones Eric mysteriously missed are really (really!) not worth getting upset about (even though he should still totally watch them). But Thunderball?! I mean:

JETPACK, GUYS. So this was the obvious choice for my first episode as the “geek.”

It’s time to fix this, people. And by the way, if you haven’t seen it either, this is your moment. Enjoy the Tom Jones…

…and also our inaugural episode!